We bought your chocolate biscotti today at Whole Foods in Danbury and love them.  My 4 year old son, Lucas, said they are "bite sized gems of deliciousness." Thanks for making them. Kathryn N

I purchased lemon and cocoa biscotti bites at Whole Foods Port Chester yesterday and served them at our dinner party last night.  They were a huge hit especially the ones that we filled with ice cream - your great idea! We will definitely buy again! So good!  Kristina M.

They are so delicious that you can't stop eating them.  You can't eat just one.   Valerie W.

A marriage made in heaven- almond biscotti and your favorite coffee. Ed B.

So good - if I could survive off eating nothing but the biscotti, I gladly would.   Jackson M.

I found the perfect cookie for after dinner to satisfy my sweet tooth with a cup of tea, my favorite lemon biscotti.   Pam E

For only 13 calories I can spoil myself, and I like that!   Dany M.

These biscotti are light, crispy and delicious.  Alex A.

Possibly your youngest customer.  He loves your biscotti and he is NOT easy to please!!! Joanne D.

I just wanted to say that your biscotti are the best! My Grandmother made amazing biscotti, but I have to say, your biscotti more than rival her recipe - sorry Grandma!  She would probably agree.  They are truly DELICIOUS!!  Chris R.

I love this biscotti! I have one or two in the afternoon with a cup of tea or after dinner. It's a yummy little bite that always satisfies my sweet tooth - and at only 13 calories per cookie, I can indulge without feeling guilty. Life is good. The Bites Company biscotti are better! Jan H.

I spent the weekend at my friends house in the Cape and I had The Bites Company send them biscotti as a gift gift.  My friend loved it. Susan B

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