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The Bites Company has been put into the Weight Watchers Database because our Biscotti Bites are 3 points for 10 cookies. YUM!YUM!

DUTY FREE - NAFTA AGREEMENT IN PLACE French Canadian Translation Packaging Available

The Bites Company was born from baking biscotti for over 20 years, and having most of my friends break the long traditional logs into small pieces. What is biscotti you might ask?  Biscotti is a crisp, twice baked cookie, originally made in Italy in a long log shape.  After watching my friends break off a piece, I started making the biscotti in round bite sized shapes.  Even in their new form, the bites can be dunked into your favorite hot drink or glass of milk.  They are also great crumbled over a bowl of ice cream or enjoy them with a glass of wine.   

The Bites Company 
biscotti will always be all natural and made from scratch.  Our cookies will always be the right size, always bite size. They will always be made with love and a bit of crazy!!!!!
  They will always be made with ingredients that you would have in your own home.  They will always be DELICIOUS :)

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