Our Story


I was inspired to change the shape, size, flavor profile and ingredients of my Me-Mom's biscotti because over the years my friends would break the traditional long log into smaller pieces. Then it hit me, why not make the biscotti into a round, bite-size cookie.


I set out to recreate biscotti as we know it. Modernizing an old, traditional recipe, using only ingredients you would use, I created signature round, mouthwatering BITES.  Beginning with our original recipe of almond, I expanded the collection to include lemon, chocolate and brown butter.  I went from store to store to get my BITES on the shelves, and in time, it started to happen.  I became an employer as my BITES are now made in a small factory in Bridgeport CT, by a team that seems, fittingly like an extension of my own family.  I trademarked my brand and I continue to grow.  Today I sell thousands of bags of BITES a month.  And every time I see a bag, I smell my grandmother's kitchen.


Although Me-Mom is no longer with us, we are inspired everyday by our family, friends and customers.  The Bites Company is committed to all things bite size, using simple ingredients to create extraordinary biscotti cookies. We bake everyday and work on developing new flavors and package sizes. We want you to experience all the joy that we experience baking and working to bring our BITES to you and your family.  I hope when you open a bag of our BITES you will smell my grandmothers kitchen too.  Warmly, Dina


Feel free to contact us via phone at 203-296-2482 or by email at sales@thebitescompany.com

We welcome any and all questions or feedback.  Thanks, Dina